Frequently asked questions

Safaghat is a crowdfunding company licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), as an "Ancillary Services Provider- Crowdfunding Operator". It provides the best and safest investment opportunities with great, easy and attractive investment returns. Safaghat works with many partners with long experience and excellent reputations in all investment fields. It also provides deals with all its investment services to individuals, organizations, and companies.

Yes, we at Safaghat invest your money in safe projects with the most reputable companies. And if anything goes wrong with the merchant, Safaghat shall return your capital, in case of any proven violation or shortcoming from Safaghat's side.

Yes, the company is licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) and registered in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Yes, your balance can be withdrawn at any time. It is also possible to withdraw the invested money immediately after the end of the investment period.

It depends on every opportunity and deal. This can start as little as BD 100 and up to BD 100,000 in some deals. We will disclose that for you very transparently before you enter any deal.

If %80 or more of the deal is completed, you will receive the capital and the profits in your account at the maturity date. If less than %80 of the deal is reached on the collection due time, we would send to all investors their capital paid in 7 working days.

Investing the amount in Safaghat allows you to enroll in deals that are normally short-term investments with attractive returns. The fixed deposit allows you to withdraw your money on its due date which could be longer and with lesser returns.

Safaghat W.L.L provides low risks investment opportunities and takes the responsibility of returning back your capital if there are any delays with the merchant, in case it is proven there were violations or shortcoming from Safaghat side.

Safaghat has started to provide Shariah-Compliant deals, and the deal type (Islamic or conventional) shall be clearly shown on each deal description.

Yes, they can register and invest through the local banks available in GCC.

Yes, you can do that provided it is within 5 days from the investment date time.

No, Safaghat do not take any fees from its investors. However, banks might charge fees based on the transaction type.

Please follow this link: https://www.safaghat.com/fatwa

Secondary Markets offer an exit strategy for sellers and a buying opportunity for buyers. Therefore, Investors can sell their full investments or a partial percentage of it to other investors

Fees: Listing Fee: BD 15 + VAT. Trade Fee: 2% + VAT of the investment for both buyers and sellers.